Review : Brimar ECC82=12AU7=CV491 ,long plate,D getter,1950s.(50年代製,長屏,方環)


Review 1:

I agree that plain old Mullard ECC82, particularly the older D-getter, sound more to my liking than the box plate, even though the box plate is good. Also keep your eyes open for early Brimar CV491 long plate - excellent, might be better than Mullards, and also look out for early D-getter Brimar 6067 which might be the warmest and roundest tone around.

Review 2:

1950's D-getter Brimar 12AU7 - warm and detailed, solid bass, nice gentle detailed highs with magic on top.

1950's D-getter Mullard long plate ECC82 - very much like the Brimar above but much higher priced.

1950's CBS-Hytron 5814A (beware of inferior later versions) - super lush and powerful, huge bass, smooth highs - more dynamic than any Mullard, Brimar or Amperex, but not quite as smooth on top. Wonderful tonality.

early 1960's silver plate Siemens ECC82 - the best out there if you value clarity, dynamics, tonality, and smoothness - not flabby warm, a magical touch of euphonics to the mids, spakling highs, rock solid bass. Magic, but rare.

early 60's long plate Siemens 5814A - close second to the Siemens silver plates. Later versions suck.

Telefunken ECC802S - the best Telefunken. Clear, lucid, smooth, not overly magical, but very captivating. Worth the money.